PA Cyber Clubs

High School students  who want to get involved, explore their interests, share experiences, have fun and meet new friends will want to join one of our ten extra-curricular clubs.  Clubs are a great opportunity to learn new skills and build your resume as you join others who share your interests.

High school students in good academic standing have the opportunity to participate in special interest clubs designed to augment learning beyond the typical online classroom experience.  PA Cyber offers ten clubs for students in grades 9-12.

 Book of the Month Club - students will have the opportunity to nurture and cultivate their love of reading through discussion board threads, participation in live online classroom discussions with their advisors and peers, and field trips.

 Newspaper Club - in an effort to report and publish PA Cyber news and events, members will plan for effectively providing the school community with fact-based news, information, and opinions.  The PA Cyber Press strives to publish quarterly; therefore, active participation and meeting attendance is required.

 Art Club - offers students an opportunity to share their work with fellow students, learn new techniques they can incorporate into their artwork, and gain knowledge of the world of art including history and career paths.

 History Club - No area of history is off-limits as club member will explore the major historical accounts that profoundly affected the world we live in, as well as the local histories that are in our own communities.  Club members should expect to participate in both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, fund-raising, field trips, competitions, and more.  This is a club specifically designed for students who want to do more than just read about history in their textbooks.  History club members will work from the perspective of “hands-on” history, walking in the footsteps of those from the past, and developing an appreciation for the living history all around us.

 Science Club - exploring new discoveries, technologies, and applications, students will have the opportunity to interface directly with professional researchers in science and engineering fields.  Club activities will bridge the gap between the science and engineering that students learn from coursework and books and will allow them to see these fields “come alive” through live monthly chats with prominent Los Alamos National Laboratory scientific staff working in research and applied sciences.

 French Club - students will be exposed to the French world around them here in the US, France, and other Francophonic countries.  Regular online meetings will facilitate the sharing of love for the French language and culture both by students and knowledgeable faculty.   Activities include listening to French music, watching French videos, exploring French art and literature, project creation based on cultural themes, cuisine exploration, and conversational skills.   The club is open to all students, with or without previous French exposure.

 German Club - open to any high school student who is interested in the German language or German speaking cultures, it is not necessary for students to be enrolled in a German course in order to be a member of the club.  Students will practice basic conversations, read stories, listen to and sing all types of music, play games and chat with virtual guests from German-speaking countries.

 Photography Club - knowledgeable faculty advisors and student members will share their talents, knowledge, and love of photography through regular online meetings, chat rooms, and photo-sharing websites.  Members will be encouraged to grow in photographic competency, to learn about the history, techniques and art of still photography, and to share their talents with others in their school and individuals within their home communities.

 DECA - designed to develop our future leaders in the fields of Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship, club activities will focus on developing leadership abilities, presentation skills, and career job skills through collaborative projects.  DECA members will be invited to participate in competitive events, conferences, and online challenges; they will also network with business professionals and other students who wish to pursue management or marketing careers.   

Equine Club –This club is for the horse enthusiast that wants to share and grow their knowledge and understanding of horses with one another.  Students will have the opportunity to engage with their peers through regular online meetings, collaborate in discussion boards, and meet face to face on field trips. 

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