Special Programs

Special programs available at PA Cyber are as unique and customized as the school experience itself. Designed to foster interconnectivity among students and families while providing opportunities not traditionally found in public schools, our special programs challenge, entertain and educate while fulfilling mandatory educational requirements.

Family Link: A platform for the informal get-togethers, organized activities, and individual conversations connecting PA Cyber classmates and families. Learn more.

Field Trips:  Every school year, PA Cyber offers a variety of fun, family-friendly and educational field trips across Pennsylvania. Learn more.

Fine Arts: PA Cyber has many exciting programs that allow students to further their interests in the fine arts via our partnership with the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center. Learn more.

Title 1 Coaching Program: Authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act, Title 1 Coaching provides a bridge for students lagging behind in reading and math development. Learn More.

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