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DECA Club to host Mini-THON®s for PA Cyber students

Oct 9, 2018

First-time, statewide effort will raise awareness of pediatric cancer

Enterprising high school DECA Club members will host Four Diamonds Mini-THON®S at PA Cyber, marking the first time that students from a cyber charter school will have the opportunity to participate on behalf of their school in the popular event that originated at Penn State University. 

Sarah Hulse, a senior from Canonsburg who serves as president of PA Cyber’s Distributive Education Clubs of America, more commonly called DECA, said the club will host events in western, southcentral and eastern Pennsylvania in support of the Four Diamonds Mini-THON® program.

“The Mini-THON®S raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer at evening events where students can dance, participate in games and activities, and enjoy some food,” Hulse said. “We’re doing them in several locations so everyone can participate and, at the same time, see what makes DECA unique.” 

Hulse said she was introduced to Four Diamonds Mini-THON® while attending the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta last spring. 

“I had heard of the program through Penn State, but I wasn't aware that a high school program existed,” she said.

After talking with Four Diamonds representatives, Hulse said she recognized the program as a way to connect cyber students throughout the state in support of a worthwhile cause. 

“We've seen such incredible growth in programs at PA Cyber in the past few years – DECA being a prime example – and this was a completely new way to continue that,” she said. “It's been really wonderful to see students and staff get just as excited about the program as I was when I heard about it.”

“It’s great that these events are being held across the state so more students have an opportunity to attend this first-time event for a cyber charter school,” PA Cyber CEO Brian Hayden said. “I am never surprised by the enthusiasm and energy of our DECA team. They always do a great job.”

Hulse said DECA is leading the effort, and in the spirit of collaboration, enlisting the support of all high school clubs and programs. 

“We'll have students from all throughout the state working together to plan and host activities at these events,” she said. “It will be a great team effort.”

Several PA Cyber regional offices will serve as venues for the event. To date, Mini-THONS are scheduled Nov. 1 in Pittsburgh-Warrendale, Nov. 8 in Harrisburg and Nov. 10 in Allentown. The DECA Club and PA Cyber regional representatives will send announcements with further details to students. 

The Mini-THONs are independent fundraising events benefitting Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital and childhood cancer research at Penn State College of Medicine.

Photo: 2018-2019 DECA officers (L-R): Stephanie Edwards, Vice President of Communications; Christopher Palmieri, Vice President of Leadership; Sarah Hulse, President; Brianna Pritts, Vice President of Marketing and Hospitality.

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