PA Cyber ++

Students who choose to participate in the ++ program will be offered the same great educational opportunities that all PA Cyber students receive--- PLUS many more!

PA Cyber ++ is designed to provide students with a positive learning environment. Through the program, students will enjoy presentations from guest speakers, involvement in various clubs, and participation in art experiences. Pennsylvania certified teachers will be on site to work with students and provide support that will help ensure success. PA Cyber ++ is offered at all PA Cyber Support Centers.

Cyber ++ - Contacts

Wexford – James Cassell ( or ext. 7650)

Philadelphia – Maria Hosein ( or ext. 5720)

Northside – Melanie Grim ( or ext. 7641)

Greensburg – James Vendemia ( or ext. 5714)

Harrisburg – Julia Martin ( or ext. 0618 )

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