Advance Placement (AP) Program

The Advanced Placement Program at PA Cyber Provides:

  • Four College Board approved Advanced Placement Courses: Biology, Calculus AB, English Literature, and US History
  • Innovative live online instruction and collaboration through PA Cyber’s Virtual Classroom
  • A challenging academic environment
  • An extended class time for further engagement: five days a week, including extended lab time for each course
  • Detailed and extensive preparation for future college-level courses
  • Smaller class sizes to encourage one-on-one learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does online instruction provide a deep understanding of concepts and engagement in an Advanced Placement Course:

The Virtual Classroom’s AP program is devoted to helping students gain a mastery of the subject being studied in an innovative setting. Students who attend the live VC classes have the ability to discuss, collaborate, and use innovative technologies to aid in their understanding and application of the materials. Online capabilities provided by PA Cyber’s Virtual Classroom provide a wide knowledge base for students today, making the material applicable and important to their educational futures.

Will my student receive the same credits as other AP Courses provide in other school districts?

Yes. The AP Program at PA Cyber has been fully accredited and approved by the College Board to educate and provide students with college-level credited courses. Their college credits are based on the completion and success of their exams and the course, similar to that of any AP program.

Is Advanced Placement right for my student?

The Advanced Placement program is geared towards students who already have an aptitude for the subject they want to take. Each of the Virtual Classroom Instructors provides prerequisites for the students entering each program.

Will there be enough time devoted to learning and engagement?

Yes. Each Advanced Placement course meets five days a week for the entirety of the year. Three days a week the students meet for one hour. Two days of the week, students are provided with class times of an hour and a half. These extended times allow the students greater depth of study and engagement in the course.

Will my student be prepared for future educational efforts with the Virtual Classroom Advanced Placement Program?

Yes. Our students are provided with small class sizes to encourage individual interaction, including registration and college accreditation processing. PA Cyber also provides the students with a guidance counselor to help them in registering for the exam and helping them to understand credit transfer for colleges and universities of their choosing.

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