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    PA Cyber senior heads for Nashville

    September 12, 2012

    Charee White, a PA Cyber senior from Worthington whose country music style reminds her fans of Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift, is profiled in a story in the Kittaning newspaper.

    She may not be Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood, but 17-year-old  Charee White is already making a name for herself at appearances such as the Worthington-West Franklin Carnival stage last night.

    The Kittaning Paper

    Worthington Teen Takes Main Stage During Carnival Week

    by David Croyle

    Charee White has big aspirations and doesn’t mind sharing them on stage.

    The seventeen-year-old cyber-schooled vocalist charmed the audience last night on the Worthington-West Franklin Firemen’s Carnival stage. That was no easy feat considering she was following the Kittanning Firemen’s Band!

    Staying mainly in the country genre of music, Charee is at home on stage – whether it is at the neighborhood carnival or before thousands at a national show.

    “The fear happens after the first song. The fear is of people not liking me – that’s what I’m most afraid of, but usually after that song and after I see people singing along, it just makes it all worthwhile,” she said.

    Shortly before her public gig last night, Charee wasn’t checking her makeup or talking with friends. Instead, she was busy with her parents setting up a sound system, tuning her guitar, and making sure the microphone was exactly where she wanted it to be.

    Charee was obviously out on a date with the love of her life – music!

    “I like to sing because it makes me feel like I can bring enjoyment to other people and they can walk home that night with that feeling they may not have had if I hadn’t sang. It’s the feeling of going home and still have that song in your head just because it was a good song. It helps people with their emotions sometimes. I want to be able
    to help people and have people enjoy me.”

    The daughter of local business persons, Fred and Sherry White of Worthington, she plans on taking Business Management with a Minor in Music at the University of Central Florida after she graduates high school in December. Regardless, her father promised to make sure she could follow her heart.

    “It’s her dream. She wants to be another Taylor Swift, so I am behind her all the way. Whatever she wants to do, we’ll do – moneywise, feelingwise, helpwise!”

    Charee is using her time wisely, developing her individual style. She has even written some songs of her own, but said she isn’t ready just yet to perform them.

    “I’m trying to come up with my own sound, because if I pattern myself, it seems I’m trying to be famous on what someone else already made. I want people to like me for me. I want to be able to bring a unique enjoyment that maybe only someone can get from me.“

    For now, she is taking her several years of guitar lessons, encouragement from her parents, and youthful ambition to bring smiles to many faces. Look for her at an event near you this summer!

    PA Cyber Note: Charee White will go to Nashville for a showcase performance there in October. Kirk Ketchum, her instructional supervisor, said Charee is an excellent academic student with a head for business as well as a talent for vocal performance. A PA Cyber student since her freshman year, Charee also attends classes at Beaver County Community College, earning college credits tuition-free through the NNDS Scholarship Program, a dual-enrollment program available to PA Cyber high school students.

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