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Alumni Spotlight: Paige Link

Apr 12, 2019

As a PA Cyber graduate and now the new administrative assistant at the Greensburg Regional Office, Paige Link's experience as a student and staff member makes her a great advocate for what the school offers students and families.

"All of my memories from PA Cyber were very positive," Link said. "I was able to excel in my classes and graduate a year early."

Link, of Bradenville, enrolled in PA Cyber when she was a junior and graduated in 2011. What ultimately brought her to PA Cyber was the need for more flexibility to travel and she said PA Cyber gave her that opportunity.

"PA Cyber shaped me as the person I am today because it gave me the flexibility to graduate a year early and because of that I was able to travel to Japan and live there for four years," she said.

After graduation, Link's plans were to attend an online university to pursue a degree in elementary education, but she later switched to psychology.

She comes to PA Cyber as a military spouse, who has had to travel a great deal, having lived in Montana, Florida, and Okinawa, Japan, and is now situated back in Pennsylvania. She and her husband are huge animal lovers and enjoy spending time with their two Yorkshire terriers they brought to the U.S. from Japan.

Link is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree as a school psychologist at Capella University. She is on track to graduate in May, and has applied to attend Carlow University of Pittsburgh in the fall for her master's degree in counseling. Her plan is to become a psychologist. Her husband is also attending school at the University of Pittsburgh.

Link has fond memories when she thinks back on her time in cyber school, particularly staff. She said that, although she wasn't one of her teachers, Marjorie O'Neill, her academic advisor, went above and beyond to make her experience at PA Cyber a pleasant one.

"She was very kind to me and helped me set goals to graduate a year early," she said.

O'Neill said she remembers Link being "very determined and committed to the goals she had set for herself."

"She wanted to successfully finish her high school career, get married, and move to Japan — practically all at the same time. And she did it! In talking with her throughout that school year, it was clear that she was confident in her own ability and in the choices she was making, and she stood out, in my opinion, because of that."

Link said she loves what PA Cyber has done for her and the opportunities that opened to her from graduating early.

"So, getting the opportunity to work for a place that I have admired so much and credit with a lot of my successes in life is a dream for me."

Being back at PA Cyber has been a "wonderful" experience, Link said.

This profile is part of an ongoing series featuring PA Cyber alumni.

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