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9 - 12 Academy

High school students build on previous core content while choosing from an abundance of electives.

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High school students build on previous core content while choosing from an abundance of electives. Eligible students can enroll in Advanced Placement (AP), College in High School (CIHS), and Dual Enrollment courses, respectively.

Close attention to graduation requirements and career pathways is a top priority as students prepare for life after high school.

Executive functioning skills carry over to high school with a specific emphasis on decision-making, critical thinking, self-regulating, organizing, and planning.

Virtual Classroom (VC)

PA Cyber conducts real-time classes with Pennsylvania-certified teachers through our Virtual Classroom (VC). Virtual classes are available to students in grades 2-12.

Virtual Classroom students can interact with their teachers and classmates each day. The Virtual Classroom follows a traditional school year calendar, typically beginning in August and ending in June. Daily lessons include discussions, videos, and other activities. Homework will be assigned to reinforce the concepts presented in class. All core subject area courses meet five days per week, while elective courses meet on varying days. The scheduling of VC courses is flexible; however, student attendance is required.

Blended Classroom (BC)

The Blended Classroom (BC) is an option for students in grades K-12 that combines the best of asynchronous learning (students working when and where they choose) with the addition of a live classroom experience one day per week. Blended Classroom courses are taught by Pennsylvania-certified teachers.

In high school, all core content area courses, including English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, are offered individually in the Blended Classroom. These class sessions include direct instruction, practice, discussion, videos, and other activities to help reinforce the content presented in the asynchronous material.

Students are required to maintain a steady pace in their coursework and attend their live class sessions as directed. The Blended Classroom offers the flexibility of a self-paced course with live teacher support that helps all students be successful.

"High school at PA Cyber offers students increased academic, curricular, and social opportunities not found at your traditional school. Our experienced faculty and staff have a student-centered approach for meeting the needs of students through social-emotional and academic lenses. Graduates of PA Cyber are ready to take on the world with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions learned during their time in high school."

Dr. Jerald A. Barris, Principal
Deca Students

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DECA is designed to develop future leaders in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. DECA club activities focus on developing leadership abilities, presentation skills, and career job skills through collaborative projects. DECA members are invited to participate in competitive events, conferences, and online challenges. They also network with business professionals and other students who wish to pursue management or marketing careers.

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