PA Cyber
Mother, father, son, and daughter pose in front of an illustrated background of a sunset and tropical fish.

Meet the Westbrook Family

January 17, 2024

Jennifer Westbrook of Cokeburg shares why PA Cyber works for her family.

Why is PA Cyber a great experience for your family?

Our children transitioned to PA Cyber in 2021 from a brick-and-mortar school. PA Cyber opened the doors to many opportunities for learning that were not afforded to them in their previous school. They create a flexible environment that allows our children the opportunity to learn at a pace that they are comfortable with as well as the ability to explore interests that were not provided in a traditional classroom. The inclusive, supportive, and relaxed environment provides our children with the opportunity to grow and develop the confidence they need to become self-motivated, independent learners. This style of learning has given them more confidence, helped them overcome hurdles, and allowed Eric and me to be a part of their learning. PA Cyber is creating strong independent learners who will be better prepared for college and the workforce.

How would PA Cyber be great for other parents?

PA Cyber would be great for those seeking more family time, flexibility, and more involvement in their children’s education. The school offers the ability to be closely involved in your children's learning and welcomes parents' involvement and support when working together with teachers, advisors, and administrators. They open the lines of communication and provide the opportunity to explore new ways of learning.

Photo caption: The Westbrook family poses in a photo booth at PA Cyber’s zoo event in Pittsburgh. From left to right: Matthew (10), Jennifer (mother), Sarah (13), Eric (father)